Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern the relationship between the eCommerce brand ("Client") and Adtent Media Ltd ("Agency") for the provision of Google Ads management services. By signing up for or using our services, the Client agrees to be bound by these Terms.


2.1 The Agency will provide Google Ads management services ("Services") for the Client, including but not limited to: account setup, campaign creation, targeting, optimization, reporting, and ongoing management.

2.2 The Agency will use its best efforts to maximize the Client's return on investment (ROI) while adhering to Google Ads policies and guidelines.


3.1 The Client agrees to pay the Agency a monthly management fee and a % of ad revenue generated from Google Ads, as agreed upon in writing between the parties for the Services provided.

3.2 The Client is responsible for funding their Google Ads account and providing the Agency with access to the account to manage campaigns.

3.3 The Client shall pay all invoices within 30 days of receipt. Late payments may result in the suspension or termination of Services.

Client Responsibilities

4.1 The Client is responsible for providing accurate information about their eCommerce brand, products, services, and target audience.

4.2 The Client is responsible for providing all necessary materials for ad creation, including but not limited to logos, images, videos, and ad copy.

4.3 The Client must grant the Agency the necessary permissions and access to their Google Ads account and any other relevant platforms or tools.


5.1 Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of all proprietary and confidential information shared between them.

5.2 Confidential information may only be disclosed to employees, contractors, or third parties on a need-to-know basis and only when bound by a similar confidentiality agreement.

Intellectual Property

6.1 The Client retains ownership of all intellectual property rights in the materials provided to the Agency.

6.2 The Agency grants the Client a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use any ad creatives or content created by the Agency during the term of this agreement.


7.1 Either party may terminate this agreement with 30 days written notice.

7.2 The Agency may terminate this agreement immediately if the Client breaches these Terms or fails to pay any fees owed.

Limitation of Liability

8.1 The Agency's liability to the Client for any claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be limited to the number of fees paid by the Client to the Agency in the 12 months preceding the date of the claim.

8.2 The Agency shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, including but not limited to lost profits, business interruption, or loss of data.


The Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Agency and its employees, contractors, and agents from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, or expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or in connection with the Services provided under these Terms.

Governing Law

Our privacy policy has been compiled so as to comply with the law of every country or legal jurisdiction in which we aim to do business. If you think it fails to satisfy the law of your jurisdiction, we should like to hear from you.

However, ultimately it is your choice as to whether you wish to use our website.

Entire Agreement

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any prior or contemporaneous agreements, proposals, negotiations, or communications between them.


These Terms may only be amended by mutual written agreement between the parties.